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Balbao VL 260 error? message

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Good evening,

I have a 3 year old spa with a GS100 controller and a topside Balboa VL260. I switched it in on last week and something popped throwing the House RCDs. It seemed there had been water ingress into the box as a mineral staining was evident and some of the wooden frame was rotten.

I fixed ingress problem and the spa heats and the pumps/ LED lights work. However i get this on the VL260 display and can't control the temperature which seems to be set at circa 40 degrees. I cant seem to find this error message in any manual.

I've replaced the VL260 and get the same display on the replacement.

I tested the sensors with a multimeter and they seem fine. Can anyone help? Do you think its the control panel?





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We had a person on here not to long ago with the 6 dashes. When he posted photos of the circuit board one leg of the heater was burnt. Think he had some other issues as well and ended up getting a new board...but were not there yet.

Please post photos of the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover of the pack.

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Please see attached. It looks all neat and tidy from this side. I'm guessing I really need to take the PCB out and look from behind? The guy in the factory did the earths up so tight you thread the screws trying to get them out.20210607_145254.thumb.jpg.929cc61d24bf4e2d93e55815a923ee1c.jpg20210607_145254.thumb.jpg.929cc61d24bf4e2d93e55815a923ee1c.jpg20210607_145254.thumb.jpg.929cc61d24bf4e2d93e55815a923ee1c.jpg20210607_144853.thumb.jpg.cfa4410e185f7d4246113543ae1c72bc.jpg 20210607_145259.thumb.jpg.295a66a7091a13a55ec0c41e544a991c.jpg20210607_145259.thumb.jpg.295a66a7091a13a55ec0c41e544a991c.jpg20210607_145259.thumb.jpg.295a66a7091a13a55ec0c41e544a991c.jpg20210607_150219.thumb.jpg.2371b8ba9af7a75422cd43307d42fe74.jpg



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