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Stereo/CD player/speakers tripping breaker

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I just purchased an older model Catalina Manhattan hot tub. I had it wired by an electrician and everything from my fuse box to the spa box and from the spa box to the hot tub is correct. Upon filling it and flipping the breaker switch it automatically tripped the breaker and after a process of elimination we determined it has something to do with the stereo/CD player and speakers. I confirmed with the friend I bought it from that it worked fine before I bought it. Where do I even begin to find what's causing the problem with the stereo and speakers? We disconnected the stereo and the hot tub works fine now but I'd really like to use the stereo and speakers. Please help. 

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Did you get it, or anything in the equipment area, wet while filling?

The stereo should have a power supply (transformer) that feeds it. Anything after that power supply should not be able to trip the breaker.

I suspect that the breaker was miswired, and the neutral is not connected to the neutral terminal on the breaker but to the neutral bar. Post a pic of the breaker that trips with the cover off so we can see the wires.

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