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Leisure Bay Hot Tub

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Couldn't say from the pic. It may be a voltage switch for the heater, a timer/auto switch for the thermostat, or an on/off switch for changing the filter. Post some better pics and maybe I can tell, but I doubt it without being there.

Given the age, cost of parts, and difficulty to troubleshoot and repair, I would suggest you consider a new digital control system. There aren't many of us left out there who even know how to work on one of those.

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Yeah, I can't visually track the wires, which is what I would need to do to know. 

You would be replacing that whole box and the dial and buttons on the top. This would mean reconnecting the existing power wires to the new pack and adapting them if needed. Possible replacing the cords or adapting the cords on the pumps/blower, and maybe doing a little replumbing and fiberglass cutting. Post some pics of the whole equipment area so we can see what's going on in there. Include a close up of the spec sticker on the side of the pump(s). Also the topside (dial and buttons). Maybe we can find you something that won't be too difficult.

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