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Who’s responsible for removing dry mortar, tile dust and sand from pool

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We had our pool deck (originally concrete) redone with pavers. While installing the coping around the pool edge, the pavers managed to get large amounts (about 1 - 1.5 inches thick) of sediment from mortar, tile dust and sand into our 30,000 gal pool water. We have tried vacuuming this out of the pool with no success as it kicks up the sediment into the water. Pool companies tell us the pool must be drained, cleaned and new water added. There’s a risk to the pool if we do so. The paver company tells us this is something we will need to handle on our own. Who is ultimately responsible? If I withhold a value from their final payment how much (avg) could I be expecting to keep to pay out for the drainage service, water replacement and chemicals to balance the pool water again. This says nothing of the work already put into attempting to clean it ourselves, investigating how to clean it and working with other pool contractors on how to resolve. 

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Well, if cleanup was not in the bid, then it's on you. I would hesitate to withhold any payment unless you have some evidence of a breach of contract. You will find a lien on your house, and be getting a letter from the contractors attorney informing you of your pending lawsuit, when you will pay hjm as well as his attorney if you don't have proof that cleanup was included in the contract.

I find it hard to believe that it can't be vacuumed out. What was used to vacuum it? I use a trash pump to clean out years closed commercial pools literally full of leaves, branches, rocks, dead rotting critters, you name it. If it fits in a 4" hose, it's coming out.

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