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Intex Above Ground Pool Pump Replacement Parts

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If it's the or-ring between the pump and the wet end (where the skimmer basket is)  it's a SAND FILTER PUMP MOTOR INLET O-RING2  part # 114571. There is a parts diagram in the manual for the pump/filter combo but if you don't have the manual here is a link to it.


Intex parts usually have to be ordered from Intex directly:


1665 Hughes Way,

Long Beach, CA 90810


(310) 549-2900 :

www.intexcorp.com (U.S./CANADA ONLY)




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On 5/30/2021 at 10:08 PM, jamescgamble said:

Does anyone know what this part is called? It is on an Intex above ground pool sand filter pump, Model sf80110-2. THanks. IMG_4678.thumb.JPEG.26bd1dfffeeeddc60e81aa8a206f43de.JPEG

Did you ever find out what part or where to get a replacement part for this? I’m having the same issue, water trickling out when pump is on. I’m hoping it’s not from the shaft it self. 

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