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"No flow, chlorinator off" after cleaning cell

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I have a "no flow, chlorinator off" error in my hayward saltwater pool.

It started with a "time to clean cell error"...so I unscrewed the chlorinator cell, cleaned it with a hose and screwed it back on.

Then, when I turned the pool on, a bunch of whitish water was coming from the sides of the chlorinator cell.

I figured that I hadn't tightened it enough, so I put the pool into service, screwed it on tighter, and turned it back on.

Now I just get "chlorinator off, no flow" error, jets arent turning on and skimmer basket isnt filling with water.

I tried to unplug the chlorinator cell and plug back in, and turn the cell around and screw back in, but no luck.

I dont know if you can suggest anything?

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