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Tub Move

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So finally decided to move our tub and get back some of the deck we had been missing for 4 years now.

Had to remove a pile of trees and excavate down into the lawn 6" .

After we excavated and levelled the area we used a power tamper on the soil and added 2" of 3/4 crush then power tampered that down as well to get a nice solid base for the frame.

Frame is 4"x 4" X 10'  and joists are 2" x 4" 12" on centre.

Just thought I would explain how we did this to help other folks out with installing a hot tub on gravel.

Will add more pics once it's fully completed and finished, but here is the pics where the tub was and where it is now and the process :)

Still need to do a few landscaping finishes and move the gazebo over into place 






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