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So I used Ahhsome for the first time on newer spa (December 2020, first drain). Basically I left it open too long one day during high pollen season and the sun melted the chlorine and got the algae going, I was gone the entire next day and opened the tub up around noon the following day to find it very cloudy with a nice set of algae growing. I shocked it for a few days and then just ran ahhsome today for 30 minutes, but I only ran it at 2ppm chlorine because I was planning drain it into the yard since I can't drain to the street or house drain. It cleaned it well, I wish I read this forum first...of course I was busy working and left it drain unattended, now I'm left with the equivalent of a full hotel of teenage kids wiping their boogers on it all night. Using 5% vinegar and a rag is going to be way too much elbow grease and dawn dish soap in warm water is barely better. Should I just refill the tub and run it with a half dose of ahhsome with ~5ppm chlorine, then wipe it down as I drain it or is there a better solution, I did one corner at the top and have no intention of scrubbing the entire tub like that.




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I have used bleach diluted in water for this before with a cloth or sponge.

Worked out fine for me . Obviously YMMV :)

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Hi TMC:  One way to help eliminate the goo that is adhering to the shell is to mix some baking soda into a paste and place it in a small area at a time. Let is stand for 10 minutes and them take an old towel and soak it in white vinegar.  Rub the area where the baking soda was placed.  This will definitely help you out.  People have no idea just how sticky this gunk is.  Polysaccharides contribute to this because it is a bunch of sugar molecules.  Please let the forum know how it works for you.  

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So, among other things, I had some lovely wasp problems in my hot tub area, nesting right next to it on my chemical container...

I wound up getting the Chlorine up to par for a few days and then running the ahhsome with it for 75 minutes, wiping down the scum ring ring every 15 minutes and then quickly getting to the scum off as I drained it. It was much easier to get off. Only 50% of the attached particles after the first fiasco seemed to come off on their own so there was definitely extra work but much less effort than the first go around when the tub was fully emptied and the algae was glued to the shell. I was able to firmly wipe most of them with just a paper towel, tabbed in the water a little if they didn't come off nicely on the first swipe.

There are still some bits in hard to reach places that can't be removed without some customized tooling. Do you think I need an algaecide or just balance the chemicals and keep the chlorine high to start and make sure they're killed off? Will they eventually come off those areas as they die and detach? I'm getting the last of the water and small particles out now and will refill tonight.

The label should really be updated to clean the ring as you drain, I wish I was here first and read the forums before following the instructions. The stuff seems to work great but that first run is what got it stuck in these hard to get areas.

Thanks for your help all.

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Hi TMC:  as we say on the container lid, go to Www.Ahhsome.com for more complete information and instructions.  Some of the gunk that the Ahh-Some pulls from the plumbing can be comprised of millions of sugar molecules or polysaccharides.  These guys are sticky stick and stickier.

We stress to take a wet towel and wipe the residual brownish, blackish, greenish and yellowish goo as you see it form at the waterline.  A good purge product will release this sticky substance that many people call biofilm.

The number one thing that people do wrong when they purge with the Ahh-Some is add too much of it and not wipe the residual gunk that is released fast enough.  In addition to this I would say that many people leave the filter(s) in place (wrong) and forget to remove any pillows or headrests that are removable.

.If you want to do an overnight soak with the Ahh-Some you MUST not allow any pumps to operate while you are not present to wipe away the gunk.  If you do an overnight soak just unplug the entire hot tub or hit the breaker until morning when you can run the jets for 5 minutes and then drain the tub.

Hope this helps.

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Eh, no offense but telling people to go to a website for "complete instructions" on a physical container isn't the best approach and I doubt most people do that. It cost me and others a lot of time and effort because of partial instructions not explaining to wipe down the gunk during the draining phase, not after.

"Drain Tub, rinse and wipe surface." vs "Drain tub, continually wipe tub clean as water recedes and rinse."

There is more than enough room to expand on that to avoid mishaps for people, so I suggest you stress that directly on the product label.

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