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Just got a pool, what do I need to supplement my Taylor K-2106 kit.

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So I didn’t know they made that kit and bought the homegamer k1005 kit with the plain dpd testing. The chart only goes up to 5 with that. If I want to run higher to take care of any outbreaks could I use my bromine fasdpd and just divide by two to get a fc number?  When the dpd test runs out I will get the fas-dpd kit. Unless you feel I shouldn’t even use the dpd kit. 

Thanks in advance. 

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DPD can bleach out at high santizer levels making you think that the chlorine is low when it's actually high and it does not directly determine CC. You have to test for TC and then subtract the FC from that number .

If you want to do FAS-DPD testing you only need to get some Taylor R-0871 FAS-DPD titrant for chlorine. You have everything else that you need.

The chlorine test is done like this:

10 ml water sample is a .5 ppm equivalent (I recommend this)

25 ml water sample is a .2 ppm equivalent (this level of precision is not really needed)

add 1 scoop dpd powder (or more if needed) to get a stable pink color, swirl

titrate with the R-0871 (just like yo0u would for bromine with the R-0872) record drops and multiply by either .5 or .2, depending on your sample size to get free chlorine.

Add 5 drops of R-0003 (from your K-1005) to the SAME sample. If it turns pink again there is combined chlorine present. Titrate again to determine the combined chlorine directly (NO MATH NEEDED TO DETERMINE CC!)

If cc is above .5 ppm then you need to shock (oxidize) the pool to get rid of CC and organics in the water.


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