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Balboa M7 Not Heating unless High Jet Setting On

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Bad relay on the circuit board. It can be repaired by an electronics/computer repair shop.

Disconnect the heater from the pack by removing the 2- 3/8" nuts while holding the small nut under the copper tabs (see attached) and then lift the copper tabs up so they are not touching anything. Th

@CanadianSpaTech thanks, meter read zero still (see pic). Though the connections had some corrosion on them.   @RDspaguy sounds like you agree that I need to fix circuit board. better t

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My mistake. Had the multimeter on wrong setting. It is reading 232 when heater is running.

At the very beginning of the entire issue, it was reading 225. Somehow when I adjusted the sensors it went up to 232.

Is it possible that 232 is too high? If so is there a way to drop it down a bit?

Also, when the jets are turned on the first squirt of water that comes out is scalding hot, I never remember that happening before...

thanks so much.

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4 hours ago, Alber36 said:

Somehow when I adjusted the sensors it went up to 232.

No, it did not. I think I explained already that any voltage drop is unrelated to your sensors, and if you were dropping 7 volts on a relay you fried it in minutes. Voltages can, and do, vary for many reasons. All that matters is that the heater voltage is the same as the spa power voltage at any given time.

You still managed to not answer my question. Does the heater turn off when it should? Use your tester and verify that there is no voltage to the heater when it has reached set temperature. 

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Seems strange that two different relays would fail back to back. Could there be some issue causing this? I don’t want to continue to fix the relays and have them fail... Would it make more sense to replace the entire board, although costly, to be safe?

just want to make sure I don’t burn out another board / system again....

thank you!

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I'm inclined to say the repair was botched. But stranger things have happened. New does not always mean good.

The heater cycling (turning on and off frequently) is the only thing I can think of. Is it doing that? You would hear the relay click-click every few seconds or minutes, depending on the cause.

High amp draw on the heater could also do it, but that would mean a short which would trip your breaker.

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perhaps the repair was botched. Electronics guy told me he put a hole in the relay and reattached it and he guaranteed it would work...

I don’t hear it clicking very frequently.

what do you suggest I do to resolve the issue completely, even if more than necessary. Replace the board, or safer replace the whole system? I don’t want to risk something being off and burning a relay again.


thanks so much 

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