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Calculating CD given an ozonator

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I read Nitro's post on calculating CD, and would like to do it after purging and decontamination and a new fill. My question is how to do this given my tub has an ozonator which runs a minimum of 8 hours per day. Should I simply turn off the spa for 24 hours after the 30 minutes of jets?

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The chlorine that is destroyed by ozone is part of the chlorine demand and will be a fairly constant one. Personally, I don't thing chlorine demand is that meaningful since it will change with such things as bather load, frequency of use, frequency of chlorination,contaminants introduced into the water (such as your favorite Aunt going into the spa without showering off her body lotion), etc.  Better to test and adjust accordingly. After a while you will get an idea of how much chlorine is needed to maintain your water under different conditions. Nitro's posts were based on information from Chemgeek and some others from a different forum and here. While much of the information is solid I feel he was overthinking some things and some of his information, while it worked for him, is not universally applicable. FWIW, I was active on this forum and the other one when Nitro originally posted this information.

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