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Green water / High phosphates

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Hi everyone,

New here. I had a brand new Arctic Spa hot tub delivered about 3 weeks ago. It has an onzen system and was great for the first few weeks.

I removed the cover a few days ago to find green water. Called Arctic and they said to bring in some water to test.

Turns out I had phosphates (1549 ppb) and low PH. I was told to balance the PH and then use a No Phos chemical.

Did that, and with the No Phos, I got a really gross cottage cheese looking foam on top. Scooped it out and let it settle. Rinsed out the filters that were brown after only 3 weeks. Please keep in mind it is just 2 people that go in this hot tub and we've been in only a handful of times.

A couple of days later, water cleared and looked great. Levels were good. So I used the non chlorine oxidizer as I am supposed to once a week as I wanted to use it tonight. After the 20 minute cycle of the jets for Spa Boss Spa Shock, i looked out the water was green again.

The filters were brown again (one brand new filter) and there seemed to be a orangey dust in the water. Also, the PH plummeted. 

I called Arctic and am going to do another water test tomorrow, but just wondering what the heck is happening.

Any thoughts? I'd really rather not drain and fill after less than a month of ownership!

Thanks in advance.

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Please don't double post. It lessens the chances of you getting your post answered properly.  I have replied to your post under Hot Tub Water Chemistry, which is the proper place and am locking this one.

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