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1992 Maxxus Sundance Spa being offered for 1800 OBO. Should I do it?

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Someone who lives in the town next to mine is selling on EBay a 1992 Maxxus Sundance Hot Tub for 1800 or best offer. She claims that it’s had a new heat pump and parts and that it works fine. Should I go for it and if so what a fair offer to make? Thanks 

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Used spa value is all about condition and new parts. So is it in great condition? Good cover? No leaks or damaged frame/skirt? Good pillows? 

The used spa market has been crazy, but that seems kinda high for a 92 without a long list of new parts. 

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I wouldn't offer anything unless I can see it run. If it's in the same town or close by, I would see if I could go see it. That way you can look for operation of all it's functions, see if it leaks, etc.

Still seems to be on the higher end, especially for a 19 year old tub. You have to move it too, that can add up to $500 to your cost if you don't have several strong friends and an adequate trailer. If it was in excellent shape, it MIGHT be worth it. I'm not so sure I would want to chance it though.

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