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New to Hot tub chemistry, foaming problem

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I am new to this but I have friends with hot tubs that have next to no issues with water chemistry. Despite advice from them and the vendor (who have been really helpful actually) I just can't get rid of the foaming problem. I can have crystal clear water with balanced bromine, alkalinity and pH and no hot tub use for several days and the foam reappears every time. Everything I read indicates it is something we are introducing to the tub and I get that principle and don't deny it. I just don't know what could still be causing it despite balanced chemicals, shocking after heavy use,  showering before etc. Anti foam works short term but does not fix the issue.


I've attached a video. This was after 3 days of non use. Btw, I already refilled the tub a few weeks ago. The water in this part of Ireland is soft so unavoidable for all tub owners here. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

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Did anyone add non-chlorine liquid bleach to the tub?  That's an awfully lot of foam.  Have you used anything like a Natural Chemistry Spa Purge plumbing cleaner? Did your dealer add anything at the time of delivery?  I recommend that you take inventory of all your chemicals and tell this forum what you have and when and how much of what you are adding.  I would also strongly recommend doing an Ahh-Some Plumbing purge as well.  We have a large stocking dealer in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Island.  Look them up on the Internet.  Ask to speak with the owner Bob Brady.  He is a great spa and chemical adviser and will assist you.  Even if you don't purchase anything from him he is the type of gentleman who will go out of his way to help you.  Ok to tell him Jerry from Unique Solutions told you to call him.  Please keep the forum posted.  Good luck Sir.

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Thanks for the advice and the contact! Chemicals are standard and added according to test strips

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate bromine granules, sodium carbonate for PH, sodium bicarbonate for Alkaline. 


Use non chlorine shock which contains pentapotassium, peroxymonosulphate and sulphate.

Also antifoam which works really well but only for a few hours. 

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What is your calcium hardness? Test strips will not give you a calcium hardness reading, only a total hardness (calcium and magnesium hardness) reading. Please post a full set of test results (preferably NOT done with strips). Why are you adding sodium carbonate? Does you pH constantly drop? What is the pH and total alkalinity? It seems you are using a one step bromine product with dichlor and sodium bromide from your description.  What is your bromine reading?

Without actual test result numbers it's impossible to know what's going on in your tub. However, it looks like it might soap or detergent has gotten into the tub, possibly from a swimsuit that was not properly rinsed after washing. However, without your water test results and full information on ALL products added to the water we are just guessing.

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