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Lazy spa air leaking from air jet holes

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I have a lazy spa saint tropez and I am trying to fill it up with air via hole 1 before adding water. It takes ages for the walls to fill with air but it appears the air is leaking from all the bubble holes around the inside of the spa. The holes used to make the bubbles not punctures. If I sit on the side of the tub the air comes out straight away from the many pin holes. Am I right in thinking the air in the main tub walls shouldn’t leak out though these?

This is the 3rd season on me using this spa.

Also when I opened the A valve water comes pouring out.

is my lazy spa done for?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Guys if you aren’t bothered too much about the jets like us or just want it to last abit longer before replacing. We had this issue. My husband cut part of the air jet ring where we could hear the air coming from and there was a puncture inside the air keys ring in the lining of tub. So we have repaired it that way. We haven’t tried to use the airjets yet but I assume it will just come from where the big whole is now in one. 


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