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Proper CH range for Bromine 3-Step?

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I am running 70TA.  Trying to keep PH at 7.6.   Seems to be close.  Using a 103F spa with a bromine floater.  What’s a good CH range?   I’m at 250 now.   

also does the CH reccomended range differ if I use the 2-step bleach method vs. floater 

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Looping back as this question is on my mind and I’ve seen CH ranges all over the place.  I think @waterbear mentioned in the 3-step bromine setup post that CH between 130-150 was advised but anything from 130-400 was okay?

Taylor says 150-250 I think.  So not sure what I should be aiming for.  

I have TA at 70. CH at 170.   PH 7.6.  Temp 102.  Bromine with bleach method. 

Is my CH range for my hot tub okay?  Too high?  Too low?

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Your CH is fine. Relax and enjoy the tub, it's not a chemistry set!

Soft water (low CH) is more likely to cause foaming than hard water (high calcium hardness) Anything above 120 - 130 ppm is enough to deter foaming. High CH will increase the possiblilty of scale formation. IF your CH is higher than 300-400 ppm you might want to add a scale inhibitor weekly to your tub unless you have a way to fill with softer water. Other than that hardness is not a factor with acrylic spas. IF you have a plaster or fiberglass tub then hardness and the calcium saturation index becomes important to protect the plaster surface or to help prevent cobalt spotting in the fiberglass shell (although the data on calcium hardness and cobalt spotting and iron staining is inconclusive it does no harm to maintain the water at the correct calcium saturation index with a fiberglass pool or spa, IMHO).

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