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2006/2007 Hot Springs Grandee Flashing Green light


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My HT has a flashing green light that I can’t seem to fix. The issue started with flashing red and green lights. Our hot tub dealer had us replace the pressure switch which led to a flashing red light. This time our HT dealer had us change the high limit and thermistor.  Now we are at the flashing green light. 
What I’ve done so far. 
1: Bled the circ pump line. 
2: Tested ohms on new thermistor and high limit. Within 1 ohm of each other. 
3: At this point dealer called Watkins tech support who said the control board is bad. Ordered board. 
4: Installed board. No change. 
5: Re-installed old board and old thermistor. No change. 
6: Drained tub. Re-filled slowly through grey pipe. 
7: Reset breakers several times during 1-5. 
8: Have tried with and without filters. 
9: Jet pump one and two working fine. 
10: Cycled through the valves on each jet pump to be sure all lines were clear and all jets worked. 

After refilling the circ pump would not run. Cracked the wet side and got air and water and pump fired up. Green light still flashing. Opened up the waterfall valve and bubbles stop coming from bottom of tub. Close waterfall valve and bottom tub bubbles start again. I am here air crackling through circ pump. Bled pump again. No change. Removed 1/4 tube on back of heater to bleed air. No air escaped. No change.

Any ideas?

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Then, since that is the pressure switch wire, it would suggest that your pressure switch is not closing. Is the circulation pump running?

Remove filters. 

Remove the pressure switch harness and short between the two pins on the board that it plugs on to with a small screwdriver for a few minutes. Does the light and heater come on? If so, check for flow restrictions and circ pump operation. 

Strip a small section on both pressure switch wires in the cable and twist them together to bypass the pressure switch.

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Yes the circulation pump is running. 

One thing to note. When I installed the pressure switch it never got tight. Seemed like I could turn it forever. Is that a problem?

Ill try the other steps although I’m not sure I’m following how to “Strip a small section on both pressure switch wires in thecable and twist them together to bypass the pressure switch.”

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The two wires in the pressure switch harness have to have some insulation (plastic covering) removed so that the copper wires inside can be made to touch, then twisted together so they remain touching. 

The pressure switch should not spin free, it is a threaded fitting and should stop turning once tight.

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