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New Dimension One Triad gurgling noise

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We just purchased a 2020 Dimension One Triad spa. From day one it has been making a very loud gurgling noise on the top right side wall (facing the control panel). The dealer who is very helpful and responsive has told us it is a normal noise and part of the system design. Based on related topics to this issue, on this forum, I am very skeptical of this advice. Does anyone else have this same issue on a brand new hot tub? Has anyone had it fixed or repaired to eliminate or significantly reduce the noise? I am going to insist this be fixed with my dealer but want to get some opinions or advice from this forum before calling him. Thanks!

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What is around the area? Diverter valve, perhaps? Filter well?

Post some pics.

Older D1 spas had bleeders in the filter well for the pumps that would gurgle if left open after the circ pump had primed due to the ozone injection. I don't know about new ones, but you might check them if you have them. 

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