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Tiger River Spas (Watkins) Sumatran not heating up- do I need to a buy an original No Fault heater?

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I see you have 3 separate threads. You can put them all in one, the issues will get the same attention.

Post up pictures of your spa pack internals (circuit board/boards), any wiring diagrams, the equipment ares with any labels. This way the experts that frequent here will know exactly what you have and how it's wired and configured.


It wouldn't surprise me if you had a bad heater relay. Do you have a multimeter? With the heater disconnected, you should have somewhere around 10-40 ohms of resistance across the heater element. 0 ohms means the element is shorted, infinite ohms means the element is open. Do a visual inspection of the board. Look for burned traces (may have to pull the board to look at the back side) and or melted relays.

Check the voltage across the heater after you do an resistance check (power back up the tub). You should have 220V (or 110v if wired for 110v) to the heater when the tub is calling for heat.


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