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Installing a hot tub under a deck a good idea?

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Hey Guys, I'm trying to decide where to put a hot tub in my backyard, I'd love to use the space under the deck, it's 10x11 deck, a spa would fit under. I see multiple benefits like more privacy, wind protection, I could waterproof the ceiling under the deck so I have some rain protection (I live in a rainy area).  I'm concerned about potential moisture, humidity issue? if I put the spa under the deck it means it's very close to the wall of the house, and I'm thinking maybe in means I will have constant vapours/humidity coming to the window above at deck level.  Anyone has installed their spa under deck? I would appreciate any feedback/advices. 

thank you


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As long as you remember you need to be able to access the side panels all the way around if you ever need to make a repair. If you are using a cover lifter most require about 18" for clearance. Also make sure the deck is up high enough for the cover to open without issue.  Enjoy

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