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2007 - 'Umbria' Spa, needs new Topside - help required to identify what I can fit?

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We have a Hot tub that came with the house we purchased.

Generally all ok, but the controls have never had an overlay.

It has buttons that seem to be;

'Pump or Jets' on   / Lights On   /  Temp Increase   /  Temp decrease

There are Leds under that show when the Pump or Lights or Heaters are on.

The Topside is 110mm wide approx.  x 40mm Oval

I can see that the control plugs in onto the main PCB. This is marked GS Series.  Model - MGS500Z

My question is, what new unit can I use to replace the current Topside ? 

Looking at  Balboa info, it seems I would need a VL200 - 4 button model 118852

Searching the internet doesn't bring any up for sale, so could I use another model ?

Can I use a Topside with only 1 Temp button? Would the main PCB recognise other button versions and work correctly?


Thanks in advance



Balboa Control Unit.jpg

hot tub manuf plate.jpg

panel width 4 25.jpg

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