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Best ozone schedule and balance

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Hello, I am curious in how people schedule there ozone system.  What is your current chemistry using ultraviolet or corona discharge? I recently bumped my schedule ozone cycle more and I’m liking the results. Although it raised 1 degree from 101 to 102 probably from the circ pump running the ozone the water feels good.  My parameters are 

calcium 250ppm

ph 7.8

borate 50

alkalinity 110 ( kinda high, I know)

chlorine 5-10ppm

cya 30ppm.

nature 2 stick

What is the cost effective to use more ozone or chemicals? I noticed my electricity bill took a hit during winter but I’m looking for comfort on the skin.  I’m looking to see if I can lower my chlorine levels lower to the 3-5 ppm level.  this evening after from a week of new water it felt almost like the first day.

how long do you run your ozone?



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