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Issue / leak in Inflatable SaluSpa Miami drain plug at bottom of tub (Bestway)

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Hi there - I have a SaluSpa Miami (inflatable) and just brought it out for the season.  Once filled up I started heating it up and came back the next day and noticed the water level had gone down significantly. After some investigation and trial and error I determined that it was related to the drain plug (I don't want to call it a valve) that sits at the bottom of the tub.  I had never experienced this issue before.  The leak was substantial such that it would render it effectively useless unless remedied (i.e. the water level goes down too quickly)

The drain plug can be opened to let water out. To close it (seal it) you simply close it and push it shut. See pictures attached. This is much like the plug and stopper you use on inflatable pool toys.  However, mine is not sealing and clearly is causing a leak. After some messing around with it (with O-rings) I think I actually "stretched" the rim of the drain plug area and it won't even stay shut now (which isn't that big of a deal since it was a bad leak anyway when it would shut).

Has anyone else experienced this and any suggestions?  The reality is I don't even need to use that drain plug for its intended purposes.  I sub-pump or siphon water hour anyways.  I was thinking of just getting some heavy grade waterproof tape or something to just cover up the hole but not sure that will do the trick. Again, I don't need to use the valve so I would be better off to just permanently "seal" off the area.

  Bestway's website isn't very helpful and all the reviews I read saying trying to reach out to them for input would be futile. 

Thanks for any help / suggestions!






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We have had a similar problem with our Lay Z Spa St Moritz after refilling the tub after Winter break.  The cold water filled to the required level and stayed at that level for 36 hours whilst we put in the chemicals and filtered.   When we switched on the heat everything was fine until we opened the lid next morning and half of the water had gone.  There was a lot of condensation around but after draining and checking every inch of the tub (inside and out) we couldnt see any puncture.  It was suggested to us that the drain plug could be the issue so we cut down a polythene freezer bag and dropped this into the hole and pushed in the plug to seal.  A week later and there has been no further leakage.  As for permanently sealing that may be a good idea and is something we will also look at.  We are just pleased to use the tub again.  Let us know how you go on if you do go ahead with sealing the plug hole.   BTW the plug unit is very flimsy and considering the amount of water and pressure you would think it would click firmly shut or twist and turn with a decisive click to lock.  It just limply goes into place with very little conviction if thats the way to describe it.  Regards  David.

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