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Sta-rite SR400NA shuts off after display power up not blower etc

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Hello all, I'm working on my 15yr old SR400 spa heater. I'm original owner, all I've had to replace in the past is the control keypad.  My system is controlled by an old pentair cp100 mech dial control box. When I turn on the SPA, filter kicks on, water pressure switch activates, heater turns on, all lights come on, then displays 180 then R9 then shuts off immediately without firing the blower or anything. All the diag leds on the control board come on then go out (when it turns off) which looks like normal sequence to me. So I have no trouble codes to go by but low voltage must be good to get this far right? I have replaced the temp Thermistor And the High Limit Switch. I'm getting out my Fluke multimeter today... Any suggestions? I have seen other past reports of this symptom out there and looks like its was usually solved with the thermistor... I'm stumped.


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Update-  It's working! The Thermistor was probably the fix, the old one was cracked the length of the probe. I was powering up with my remote control to test, didnt think to press the "SPA On" button. The control board must remember that status, now it powers on and off by remote without touching the control panel.  Recently we were having to lower the temp setting, It was getting hotter than the panel display, so I think that was another sign of the impending Thermistor failure.

Thanks RD for following.


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