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What type of pool anchor is this?

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Just moved in to an older home with these anchor sites. There is no pool cover that came with the home. Can anyone point me in the direction of what type of anchor to use so I may get a new pool cover?


many thanks 



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2 hours ago, jimmythegreek said:


T-bar? I used to manage a bar by that name, and that was all the "waitresses" wore (another name for thong, aka butt-floss). 😉 That was an interesting job...

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Don't know the name, but the cover, not really a cover, more like a spider web over the pool. When i first saw one i thought, who is that going to save? Deck chairs?  You would install it, then there was this kind of pulley system and you would pull it and the cover would tighten up and come off the water.  Looked like alot of work.

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