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Jandy JXi Heater Slow Temp Rise

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Before the freeze in Texas a few weeks ago, I "winterized" my pool equipment by removing the filter, pump, and heater "plugs" and drained the system. After the freeze, I replaced the plugs, primed the pump and started up the system. Everything works, except the Jandy JXi gas fired heater took 4 hours to heat the spa section of the pool from 68 degrees to 104. The heater never cycled on and off; it ran continuously until the temp was reached, and then it shut off. Before the freeze, the spa heated to 104 in 30-40 min. What could the issue be, and how do I fix it?
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Double check that you valves are activating properly. This issue usually is a result of either the powered valves or a manual valve not keeping the spa isolated. If that is 100% not the issue then likely a gas issue whether pressure or low flame output

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