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Spa cover roaches

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I have a fairly new Hotspring tub....

I've been dealing with having roaches around my spa for a couple of years. It seems that they are living just under the flaps of the cover -- when opened any that get exposed to the chlorine / water die fairly instantly. 

Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do????

It's not a great situation for wanting to use my hot tub.

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I see all kinds of critters living in and around spas. They make a great habitat being warm year round and near a water source. But roaches under the cover is a new one on me. Ants, termites, frogs, lizards, spiders the size of your hand... all normal for under the cover. Add squirrels, chipmunks, mice, rats, snakes, centipedes, beetles, and many others I can't name that live in the spa cabinet/insulation. 

Where do you live? Do you have a roach problem in your home? 

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North Carolina - I think my area in general has a problem since you can see roaches on the sidewalk resembling a small dog.

These things get in the house occasionally but generally aren't coming from there as far as I can tell. My hot tub seems to be a haven for them though I just went to do my quarterly water change and found babies under one of the back flaps.

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Then they are nesting in it. I'd put some of that poison gel around the bottom of the spa and throw some bait in the equipment area at least. Maybe call an exterminator.

I worked on a tub that had been sprayed inside the foam with some insecticide by an exterminator a week before I got there. They didn't bother to tell me I was digging into poison foam looking for the leaks. I had to ask why my arms were burning and turning red.

The joys of spa repair...

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Of course, it's a serious problem, which I faced a few months ago. Most of killer sprays are toxic and allergic. But some of roach baits are ecologically clean(like this which I used). Roaches are disguisting and there are a lot of kinds of them(german is most dangerous), so take care and start destroying them right away, don’t expect any more trouble


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I worked for the company that made Combat ant and roach killers.  The key to killing ants, roaches, termites is to kill the nest/colony, not to band-aid trying to kill individual insects.  So you need a product that community insects like roaches, ants, or termites take back to share with their little friends, killing the nests.  In other words: cannot kill the insect before he shares it.

For roaches or ants, look for a bait containing hydramethylnon or fipronil as active ingredient. 

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