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Polaris 360 where the single wheel side moves but the dual wheel side does not move.

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I have a Polaris 360 where the single wheel side moves but the dual wheel side does not move.  Both wheels on the 2 wheel side do not move. However the wheel on the single side turns. See attached pics. Everything looks good inside from my knowledge

Pool cleaner 1 s shot resize.jpg

Pool cleaner 2 s shot resize.jpg

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When you say the two wheels do not move, do they not move under power? or do they seem jammed and wont spin? 


Water pressure spins the paddle wheel and directly drives the single side wheel, at the same time, it drives the pulley on the other side which drives the 2 belts and in turn the two wheels. If the paddle wheel is spinning the single wheel, it must be also spinning at least the pulley on the other side  If it isnt, the drive axle is worn out.  These things are mostly plastic, and are in an environment that is mostly sandy or gritty.  This grit wears out the plastic, and keeps Polaris in business.  Rebuilding the unit is the best way to go.  It is best to replace ALL the bearings, (wheel and axle) rather than go through and replace just the questionable parts. This includes the wheels too, Tires? You decide. Sometimes you can get away with just flopping them over and wearing on the other side.  Actually, yours look done. Nice squared off edges on the new tires do make a difference.  Rebuilding will cost around 300.00  May seem like a lot and others may try to talk you into a 280.  If you compare 300 to a new unit, you'll see its a no brainer. 

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