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Hot tub pad for uneven ground/tree roots

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Have a circle of redwood trees off our deck that we'd like to place a new hot tub in the center of. 

Trying to determine the best base to use.  The ground is fairly uneven, but don't want to dig down much to level, and risk damage to the root structure. 

A thick layer of compacted gravel vs. pouring a concrete slab?  In central california, so minimal freeze/frost heave risk, but moderate amount of winter rain.

Thank you

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I'll give it a stab although my experience is barely related.   My workshop could only be placed in one spot in my yard. Between 2 very large oak trees with a mess of roots and pretty significant slope. The only solution we came up with was building a retaining wall of railroad ties and filling with crushed rocks. Worked out fine till a hurricane decided to lay one of the trees onto the workshop.   Don't know if the same would work on a hot tub to give full support 

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I would build this type of structure. In your case I would just lay down a limestone base and level it then place the wood frame on the limestone base and backfill the openings with limestone to lock it in place.

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