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We have a 1 hp pump with 2" piping.  We want to use poly (flexible) piping and reduce the size of the outflow and put small holes in the flexible piping (like a jet of water).
What is the smallest size we can reduce to if we come off the 2" pipe and reduce to (1/2" or ?)... for an additional 10-12' length - with about 5 small holes punched into the hose?

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Not sure why you are reducing pipe size to do this, but I wouldn't go any less than 1.5". Any size reduction is an increase in head, which means a decrease in flow rate and increase in system pressure. Go too far and you blow out your filter or burn up your pump.

Holes drilled in a pipe will not have the desired stream of water, but will spray out in a lopsided cone. You need to tee in a reducer and run a length of pipe to establish directional momentum. Put your reduction (or plug) in main pipe after the "jets" to increase pressure, but be careful you don't overdo it or you'll be buying some new equipment.

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Thanks.  Right now, we come off the pump with 2" hose them we reduced to 1" pvc with several holes and the end is capped.  The spray from the holes is nice, even if "lopsided".  We were considering reducing the pipe size to cause even a greater flow of water through the "jets" or holes... I just didn't want to go too small and cause issues with the pump.  


The pipe carrying the water back to the pump is 2" and will remain the same.

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