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I've had the Arctic Yukon - which is the equivalent of the Cub,  except it has no lounger and thus is listed to be able to hold six,  but realistically,  we usually never have more than four in there at one time.   

Ours has two pumps (you CAN have three but we find two is fine).   Looking at the web page,  the Fox is basically a two-seater.   That was a big ICKSNAY for us because we like to entertain others.

We've had it for ten-eleven years.    Arctic replaced the salt generator once (they wanted to upgrade it gratis,  we let them).    When the warranty on the cells went from one year to (I think) 90 days,  we unplugged the "Onzen" and went to chlorinating concentrate.    THUSLY,   the chemicals are cheaper over the course of a year - perhaps,  $30-40 a year versus those cells.

I don't know what they do in 2021.  for salt regeneration systems.   And ,  as far as pricing,  I don't know what you'd pay where you are AND,  I haven't been pricing hot tubs since 2009,  so.. eh....I have to defer that item back to you.

If you are in a cold climate,  Arctic is the BEST,  folks.     Now,  yeah,  the Cub has a lounger but we have learned that you can "lounge" somewhat in the Yukon tub even if there's no lounger.   If you're never going to have people come and visit,  the Cub is fine but if you ever have friends come over,  the Cub won't make it easily,  and the Fox is definitely not a tub for friends.

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