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PROBLEM FOR AGES! (Pool spa used for PT & Pain jet pressure issues)


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I hope this is the right section for this. We have had a major problem with our spa jets for over a year and a half now. The pool/spa combo was built in 2008. I am a young adult child of my father who owns this pool along with my mother. I am a disabled dependent and this spa is what I utilize for physical therapy and pain relief, it is not just a simple tool of leisure. My father has always been horrible at maintenance. He never maintenanced our pool until summer 2019. He never changed the pool filters, never changed the heater (which finally busted a few months back and was leaking gas fumes all over the place), and he didn't get a new pump until the same time he changed the filters when it was chugging to its death. He was surprised to learn these things had life-spans and needed to be changed out, and of course never listened to me whenever I told him something was wrong with our pool. The jets had lost a lot of strength, reasonably, as our old pump started to die. However, when we got our new pump they were stronger than they had ever been. They were so strong you couldn't put your hand flat up against them and stop the flow of water when on high (3300 rpm). When the jets were like that it was extremely helpful to me as I have myofascial pain syndrome in my back and wake up filled with knots everyday. The jets being so strong got them out in no time. Just a couple weeks later though I noticed the jets seemed maybe 10% less strong. I use this spa everyday and can easily tell the most minute difference in jet strength. I'd say it went down to about maybe 25% less strength before my dad decided to clean the filters and see if that would help. They were very dirty and would get dirty very quickly now with this new pump. About as dirty in 2 weeks as they used to get in months (according to my father). For a while it was like that, the strength would go down, my dad would clean the filters, and the jets would return to pretty much full strength. Now, this far down the line the jets are at about 30% strength now, you can cover the jets with your hand so easily a baby could do it. Now my knots are extremely difficult to get out and take much longer and fewer get released. We had someone look at the jets and say the pressure was fine, which told me this guy had no clue what he was doing. He did this thing where he said he cleared out the jets by turning them on when the spa is empty or something like that (I'm not quite sure, I wasn't there), and he said that helped (it did not). He also said to use a degreaser on the filters which we have already done before. Something else to note, just before summer 2020 we had someone come to repair the solar panels for the pool. The guy who did that said when he popped open whichever pipe he needed to on a panel the water was trickling out, and he said it should've been shooting out, so there was some kind of problem going on. The pump pressure meanwhile read in a normal range. So, it isn't me making this up like my father says, a guy came and said there was an issue with the water pressure! My father says the jets are plenty strong for him, but he doesn't understand how important it is that they work how they are supposed to so I can get pain relief and gain mobility. He doesn't really care. Now, if anyone possibly knows what the issue is with our spa it would be a massive help. A spa should be in 100% working order all the time, I don't see how that is some crazy concept. This spa cost and continues to cost money and my father seems to not care that he's paying for something that barely works. He doesn't really use it so out of sight out of mind, but I don't have that luxury. Also, if anyone knows of a tool that can measure the rpm of the jets directly from the jets that would help a great deal too because I need a reading on that to show the jets are not at the pressure the pump is. Thanks.

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Here are photos. The filters are fairly new so it shouldn't be that. We also just cleaned them really well, including soaking them in degreaser this past weekend and there wasn't any improvement in pressure which is unusual. My father also told me that it used to be very easy to clear air out of the system if it ever sucked air, but since we've had the new pump if air gets in the system it's very difficult to get out, he has to "baby it" and switch it to spa and let out air multiple times. He said it's as if the system doesn't have enough sucking power to clear the air out in a timely manner. He said today "something's definitely wrong" which was validating to hear from him. He wonders if it's an impeller problem. The spa in the photo and video is on high at 3450 rpm and it is so obvious how low the jet pressure is. The water is very clear and you can see straight to the bottom. It used to be thick whitewash when it was working 100%. Also, anything on a tool to measure the PSI directly from the jets? Thanks guys.















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Is this a DE filter? or a cartage?  You could have one or the other with that filter tank (In your pics).  If you have a DE, how much earth are you introducing after cleaning?  If carts, how old are they? Does the pump run at a lower RPM once you are done in the spa for the day? 30 psi on the filter is excessive, and can lead to prematurely ageing of the cartages or the elements (in a DE type).  Is the solar turned off when you are using the jets.  Solar should also be off when you start the filter back up after you have cleaned it (couple of minutes).  Do you clean the chlorine generator? That will create a restriction equaling in lower jet force (velocity).

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This is a cartridge filter and the cartridges are about a year old. This problem was happening even when we had just bought them, the problem has just gotten worse over time. The pump does run at a lower RPM once I am done in the spa, around 2300 (I don't remember exactly but sub 2500 and above 2000). The solar is always turned off when using the jets and it has ever been on when we start the filter back up after cleaning. The chlorine generator also does get cleaned and was actually just cleaned and is all clear. Thanks for your communication, I hope this can get figured out.

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