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Hot Springs Limelight 2015 - issues with lights and water feature

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Hello! We just bought a new home that came with a 2015 Hot Springs Limelight Flair tub. I have a couple issues I’m hoping someone can help me with. 

After finally figuring out how to turn on the water feature, we noticed that it appears to be ‘squished’ in the centre, only allowing water to pass through the edges - so instead of a smooth waterfall, it comes out like a V. Is there any way to fix this or would the ‘feature’ need to be replaced?

Secondly, we noticed that quite a few lights are out - a few in bunches in the same area - and some of the plastic caps over the lights are cracked, one is completely off and appearing like it’s shorting out the light (assuming water is getting at it). Are swapping out bulbs and the caps an easy thing to do on my own? It’s currently winter here so would likely wait until the spring to change them and caulk them as it’s very cold out. 

Thanks in advance. 

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If you get lucky only the bulbs will be bad. If the socket is bad then you have to dig thru the foam to replace the whole thing. I had to swap all the bulbs amd 4 sockets on my flair plus rewire half of it but was worth it. I also replaced 2 corner bulb sets amd the fiber optic waterfall lights.  Backyard plus has best prices on the parts u need and you also need the tool it's only a few bucks. Tub needs to be drained to do it.  

For the waterfall get a plastic shim or toilet bowl shim amd wedge it in middle see if it helps the water sheer. How is the spacing across it

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