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MSPA inflatable hot tub fault - advice please


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Hi I'm reposting this as i think i uploaded it to the wrong thread.

I'm Hoping some clever person can help me. I have an MSPA Soho and it has developed a fault. If i turn it on without heater, all functions run and it stays on. If i turn the heater on it runs for a few minutes and then the display goes off and the functions shut down. The buttons on the display are still lit but not the display itself. If i drop the heater temp below the current temp the heater stays on but is obviously not trying to heat the water. There is no fault code displayed. Prior to this i noticed this fault happened once every so often maybe once every couple of weeks and i would turn it back on and it would be fine. I did notice that it took a long time to heat about a month ago when it turned itself off and the temp dropped 10 degrees. Any advice gratefully received

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