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pH Keeps Rising


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Hi there I have been struggling with high ph but good alkalinity levels. Alkalinity is in perfect range as is the hardness and sanitizer ( use bromine) but ph is consistently high. I lower it with ph minus and it comes down to normal but then within a day it is high again. Any recommendations on how to deal with this?

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I split your post into its own thread. You originally posted in a 5 year old thread so you should get better response now 


Your TA is too high. Please post a full  set of test results NOT done with steps. They don't have the resolution necessary to balance water.

Also, "perfect range", "normal", and "high" in relation to test results tell us nothing. We need the numbers and the testing method (strips, drop based kit, dry reagents, meter, pool store testing, etc.)

However, if your pH is rising too fast it means your TA is too high. You want it in the 50-70 ppm range or even a bit lower if your spa has a lot of aeration (ozone, salt water chlorine generator, air injectors or blowers that cannot be turned off, etc.)

Read this for a better understanding of the relationship between pH, TA, and aeration:


Once you post your test results and method of testing we can take it from there.

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