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Help understanding clorimines please?

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Hello.  I run Nature2 with non-chlorine shock and occasional diclor (weekly or a bit more often).  One of the staff at the Nature2 company said......……if free chlorine readings do not match "not free Chlorine readings", I should shock with diclor.   I think that's what he said but I'm curious if he was saying free and total chlorine reading should be the same.  

How do I measure "non free chorine" readings.  Do I just subtract Total from Free Choline to get "non free chlorine" 

Is this important to be checking and how often would you recommend checking this?

Any other information, articles, links, etc. would be appreciated to better understand this.  

Thank you, Doug


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Sounds like you are using a DPD test such as found in the Taylor K-2005(comparator block with shades of red).

IF you are NOT using non chlorine shock (MPS) then you get combined chlorine reading (CC) (combined chlorine is chlorine that has reacted with organics in the water and no longer sanitizes, aka chloramines)  by subtracting the Free Chlorine AKA FC (chlorine that sanitizes) from the Total Chlorine (TC). Ideally TC and FC are the same giving a CC of 0 ppm.  (TC-FC=CC)

IF you ARE using non chlorine shock (MPS) this does not work since MPS WILL test as CC IF you are using a Taylor K-2005 or K-2006 test kit there is an add on kit (K‑2041 (.75 oz) or  K‑2042 (2 oz) that will removed the interference from the MPS so you can get an accurate CC reading. These only work with the two Taylor Technoligies test kits that I listed.

My recommendation is to use dichlor instead of MPS after each soak as documented in the N2 instruction pamphlet, monitor the CYA, and drain and refill when it get above 50 ppm.

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