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Hello all.

   New to the forum and found some really sound advice. 

I however do have a question in regards to Nitro's Approach to water Maintenance. If perhaps I should post the question there please excuse my ignorance :)

 The Question is having the Master Spa EcoPur Charge would it be advisable to not having this in the filter system if I choose to go with the Dichlor/ Bleach method or will matter?

Just wondering if their is a benefit with it in the filter system with this method or just wasting time and money with this being used at the same time.


Tub is already in use with Spa Boss pucks and Spa Plus granules.  And thinking of switching to the Dichlor and Bleach method as I feel I am spending a lot of funds on chemicals that may or may not be more beneficial than Nitro's approach.

And if I go with Nitro's approach, should this be started at a fresh refill or can be changed over at anytime.

   Thanks in advance for any answers and suggestions.


Edit:   I should mention that switching to Nitro's approach should obviously be done within the parameters he has set forward in his method 



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The silver ion cartridge is not related to your chemical method. It is a secondary system that is useful against chlorine resistant contaminants, and may reduce the amount of chlorine that you use by reducing the reproductive capacity of pathogens. It does not eliminate the need for chemical sanitizers, and is not affected by which type of chlorine is being used.

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Thanks for the reply @RDspaguy.  I do realize the Eco pur charge doesn't replace the chemical sanitizer. I have however noticed it never has really reduced the demand on the chlorine as it's apparently possible according the MFG but obviously that may not be attenable in real world scenarios as every user has there own mileage :) So I guess what you are saying in a nutshell is that it doesn't matter if it's in the system or not while using Nitro's method?


Just thinking of cost between the Eco Pur Cartridge cost and then again for the outer filter as opposed to just needing to purchase 1 single Filter and omit the double filter system required for the Eco Pur System.

Being in Canada these items are well overpriced and with not being able to ship to my U.S. address and picking up from there has it's limitations during Covid  :(

I usually can have most of my goodies delivered in the U.S. and then I pick them up and bring them back. Usually at a fraction of the cost that I can purchase from here.



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54 minutes ago, RDspaguy said:

is useful against chlorine resistant contaminants,


55 minutes ago, RDspaguy said:

the reproductive capacity of pathogens.

I personally use a low chlorine system with ozone and would use much more chlorine if I did not have nature2.

The proprietary cartridges made specifically for this or that brand of spa are usually more expensive than the basic cartridge. They add about $10 per month to my chemical costs. Worth it to me.


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Okay thanks for the input.

So it's okay to use the EcoPur system either way if I do decide to switch into the Dichlor and Bleach Method.

I will try it out on the next water change or I will just check out my water chemistry over the weekend and see if I can go that way now.

Thanks again

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