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Tub placement, distance from house and crawl space

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Had my spa installed on my patio back in 1988.   So one side sits about 10" from the block wall.  Yes, not accessible, but the other non-equipment sides are not designed to be opened up either. 

And with sprayed-in foam insulation, good luck pinpointing any internal leak anyway if not in the equipment area.

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Ours is around 10 feet from the house.    Electrical code requires that there be a "Ted Bundy Kill Switch" within a certain distance of the tub ... we did have our first one around 3 feet from the house but its noise was right below our bedroom window.   We reconfigured our tub area when we installed the Arctic.

Cusser,  I think we discussed this - the Arctic has an insulated but not foam packed cabinet.   Which is one major reason why we went with it.   Our old Sequoia Spa was foam-packed... we had one leak,  stripped the foam out,  had it fixed and then we found ANOTHER leak so it was "dump it time."

We did have a leak inside the Arctic three years ago - fixed in an hour by the spa tech.

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Try to place it as far away from the walls of the house as possible. It will be safer and much more convenient. I mean that it will save you from a leak and allow you to bypass it from all sides. In general, I advise a very responsible approach to such small things, because they will consist of the overall convenience of using your home. Everything should be in its place so that you feel comfortable. Otherwise, why do you need a house that is uncomfortable to live in? Home Improvement is the most critical process, which you should not skip in any case. If you do not know how to arrange this or that thing, the Internet will always help you.

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