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What is the lowest temperature I should maintain during the week when I'm not using hot tub?

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I just got a hot tub a month ago and things are going well.  It heats up 1.5 degrees an hour and I usually only use it on friday to sunday nights so I would keep it at 90 degrees during the week and Friday morning I turn it up to 104 in the morning and by night time it's all set.  My question is, can I set it to 80 degrees?  75 degrees even to save more energy during the week since I'm not using it?  I tried searching but haven't found a definitive answer.  Some people say it takes more energy to heat up, which really doesn't make a lot of sense to me...but I may be wrong.  My hot tub is LifeSmart LS200.  Thank you!

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2 hours ago, newtubuser413 said:

Some people say it takes more energy to heat up, which really doesn't make a lot of sense to me...but I may be wrong.

It takes alot more energy to heat up at fill-up than to maintain it, so when talking cost on your bill, you will definitely see it when you drain and refill.

If used in economy mode, so that the heater can only run when the pump is already running for a filter cycle, it can save you a few $.

Obviously, more heat will be lost the greater the difference between water temp and ambient air temp, but with a well insulated spa and a good cover this should still be minimal.

Letting it get cool, then heating all a once will cause longer run time on the heater, like at fill, and will make any relay or heater issues more likely to show themselves. But the less often the relays switch the longer they are likely to last.

You can set it as low as it will go if you like. You already know how long it will take to heat up.

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Thank you!  So much to consider!  I'm less concerned with heatup time...its more around the total electricity/energy spent between:

1: maintaining the temperature at 100 + heat up to 104

2: maintaining the temperature at 90 + heat up to 104

3: maintaining the temperature at 80 + heat up to 104

Sounds like #3 will spend the least amount of energy, however as you mentioned relay issues likely to show, but then again it it may last longer...sounds like I got my answer.

Thanks again!

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