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Get rust out of filter

Brian T

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We have been dealing with brown water in out Subdivision for several months now.  Have to call city and have them flush lines to get clear water for hot tub.  This the second time now I have filled with brown water and now my filter is getting clogged.  What the best way to get this out of filter?


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Suggest first you purge the spa with Ahh-Some line cleaner and soak your filters is the solution as well.  Then drain and clean the spa and rinse filters well. Might want to call a water truck for future fills until water is sorted out. 

Call 1-800 number or email Ahh-Some and get their recommendation for removing rust... https://ahhsome.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Ahhsome-Hot-Tub-Instructions-042420.pdf Contact information at bottom of page.

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