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Hot tub only, two pumps or one

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I’m having a 8’ x 10’ in ground hot tub installed with 10 jets. The installer is recommending two single speed 1.5 hp motors (one connected to 6 jets and the other to the other 4 jets). Would it be better to install one variable speed 3 hp pump? They said both were viable but the two would support a better hydro massage. Thoughts?

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Is one of those the filter pump? A VS pump can save you some $ on filtration.

In terms of pressure, he is correct. But jet layout is just as important as pressure when it comes to massage. 10 jets in a tub that size is not going to give you many good seats. If they are spread out you won't be using it for massage. I like a seat with at least 3 jets, but 4 to 6 is better. The typical 2 jet stack of an inground spa is disappointing at best if you have ever used a portable spa.

I would suggest you get more jets and corresponding pumps. The cost increase is minimal compared to the overall construction, and you only get to build it once. You might also get diverter valves installed at the tub to allow for more jet options without more pumps.

@jimmythegreek, any thoughts?

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