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2 Speed motor shuts off when second speed is activated

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Hi! I have an old 1999 cal spa genesis, two speed two motor hot tub. And i am now having a problem with the second speed on pump 1! As soon as its activated it buzzes for a second then shuts off!

i was using it one day and it was fully working in second speed, all of a sudden the buzz noise started and it shut off! sense then never worked again.

A few things i have already done- Checked for a blockage, checked pressure sensors, checked power from the control board on 2 speed. All good

I took apart the motor and noticed two capacitors! I read about a start capacitor and a run capacitor

Would any of these two cause this 2 speed problem?

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Yes it could be a capacitor going south. If you remove the dust cover off the back end of the pump you will see the shaft of the motor with a slot in it. Have someone turn the breaker on and be ready with a flat head screwdriver inserted into the slot on the shaft of the motor and when it starts to make the buzzing sound turn the shaft a bit to help the motor to spin/start...if it starts up you likely have a weak/failing start capacitor

Will it run on low speed?... and then when you put it into high speed that's when it gives the hard buzzing noise and cuts out? If this is the case you likely have a stuck/burnt relay on the circuit board and it is sending power for both hi speed and low speed at the same time causing the loud hard buzz. Relays are repairable.

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it runs very good on low speed! also did play around with all the relays every thing working right on the board

i will try that when i take it apart and i may as well purchase the capacitors, they are pretty cheap.

So the capacitor on the top of the motor is called a run capacitor?

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