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Help can't find high limit reset button


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I'm getting an error message on my only 6 month old Cal Spa it says heater overheated. Everywhere I look says this is a common problem when draining and filling the hot tub. It says the way to fix it is to open the spa box and push the red reset button. I cannot locate this button anywhere can somebody please help and let me know where it is. The spa box is a waterway Neo 1500. Please help find the reset button... Thank you 




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Are there any error codes on the topside display?

I doubt there is a reset button. When refilling the spa it is important to fill it through the filter hole. This will fill the lines and also the wet end of the heater associated pump wet end. The overheat condition is likely due to an air lock inside the main or circulation pump preventing water from flowing through the heater. You will need to bleed the air out of the pump. To do this you will need to back off the white coupler at the face of the pump as seen in the first photo posted on the left hand side of the spa pack. Back it off a turn until you hear the air escape and it starts to drip out some water. Sometimes you can manipulate the pump from low speed to high speed a few times until the air bubbles out through the jets. Dirty filters can also cause a flow error. Remove the filters until the issue is fixed. Let us know results

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We did just it.. Air came out just like you said... Fired it back up and jets are all flowing and no more air.. I really think that may have been it. I cannot thank you enough we searched for that switch for so long.. I will update in a little bit and let you know if it's heating up thank you again. 

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2 hours ago, Cbnttown said:

I can’t find where to release the Cupler which coupler I have a chronic HOH code and it keeps shutting off without heating up, I’ve tried everything

Start your own thread. Include info (year, make, etc) and pics of the circuit board, wiring diagram, and equipment area.

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