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Rebuilt Motor Making Noise

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I've just recently replaced the bearings in my pool pump motor. Now that I have the motor is making a high pitched whining noise. The old bearings had gone bad and were making a whining/squealing noise, and this isn't quite the same. Is my new bearing bad, or noisy for some reason? Could there be some vibration in the housing that is causing this? Before the old bearings went out, it was a very quite motor. I'd like to have it that way again. I'm replacing the impeller right now, so I have the motor taken apart. I've linked a video of showing the motor running and the sound its making. Thanks for any help!




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Yes, I did use grease when I installed it. I did make sure I was only contacting the inner race when I was pressing it down on the shaft. I will try pulling it off and reinstalling it, trying to make sure it is nice a square. 

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