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Typical acid consumption - new concrete and plaster pool

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Hello pool wizards!  I have a fairly new pool, plastered in September.  It’s pretty big, 42,000 gallons with an incorporated spa. Once spring hits and water temps rise back up to the right range, they will install the chlorine generator and convert to salt. (Using chlorine tabs until then).  We also have the Pentair Intellichem system and a 15-gallon tank holding 1:1 diluted muriatic acid which gets automatically pumped in as needed. 

 My question is about typical acid usage. I’ve had to refill the acid tank about every 4 weeks. That’s 60 gallons of acid mix since September 2020.

I read somewhere that a new plaster pool will use more acid as the plaster cures, but it seems excessive.

I’ve always DIY’d my pool maintenance, but maybe I’m over my head on this new pool.  

Any guidance on “typical” acid usage? Geographically, I’m in southern Utah, about 2 hours from Las Vegas. In case that matters. 


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NO such think as 'typical acid usage' but new plaster will require a lot of acid for the first year or possibly a bit longer. This also depends on which startup procedure you (or our builder) used, traditional, acid, or bicarbonate.

Acid usage is also directly affected by your TA , amount of aeration (from water features such as spillovers, waterfalls, deck jets, etc., SWCG, Ozone,  air injectors and blowers in an attached spa, or a negative edge. It is also affected by how low you try and set your pH.

read this:


Bottom line, you acid use in a new pool is not necessarily out of line but could possibly be 'tweaked' by adjusting your water parameters.


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