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Borax & pool testing of stabilizer levels

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I use borax in my pool ever since I used borax in my pool my testing of pool stabilizers reading seem high ,I have tested water with & without borax & my testing does show borax seems to affect testing readings of stabilizer levels ,has anyone heard of this? Now I do use stabilized tricor pucks  & liquid  chlorine  but do monitor the use ,& change our some water at time's ??? 

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How are you testing "with & without borax"? Borax, like CYA only leaves the water by water changes and splashout so once yo add it you cannot retest without borate. However CYA will continue to rise with continued use of trichlor or dichlor so you will see it rise over time with your use of trichlor pucks. Borax has no effect on CYA levels nor dos it react with the melamine based liquid CYA testing reagent normally used for the turbidity test. If you are using strips for testing CYA they are not precise which means they do not produce results that are showing the acutal level).

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