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Bubble bath hot tub

P. Land.

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These are actual soap bubbles.  Hot tub looks, and smells, like a bubble bath once the jets are on.  Bubbles have reached 3-4' high.  Would be great fun for the kids if it wasn't the hot tub.  We've tried defoamers and they didn't work. Thank you for your reply .  Really appreciate all the help we can get. 

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Just 1 or 2 people with bathing suits that were washed in soap/detergent and not very thoroughly rinsed can easily cause a ton of foam in a 434gal spa (this just happened to me, everything was perfectly fine for weeks until someone with a soapy bathing suit got in).

The Bullfrog manual says defoamer product only works temporarily (I tested, it's true), and that only super chlorination (aka chlorine shock) will destroy the soap agents. The amount of chlorine needed to superchlorinate depends on your cyanuric acid level, and best case is at least 10ppm. Go to https://app.poolcalculator.com/ enter in all your numbers, then scroll to the bottom to see the Shock amount needed. Maintain or exceed that shock ppm such that you still have that shock amount number after at least 4 hours. This solved my foaming.

Removing the soapy water and adding fresh water should eventually work but seems like it could take a long time - perhaps super-chlorinate, then remove the old water after overnight circulation, add new water, super-chlorinate, and repeat until the water no longer foams.

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50 minutes ago, Cariaszak said:

Before you take a bath, just wash it with a brush with antibacterial soap and wash everything off with hot water. The bubbles can be made with any soap. Just before you get a full bath, start pouring soap/shampoo under the jet.

You should read the thread before posting. Nobody wants soap in their spa. This thread is about getting rid of it. Bathing suits can carry detergent residue into the spa that creates foam.

I suspect you are confusing a jetted bath for a spa.

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