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Swim spa Pump 2 won't turn on


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I have a Catalina Spas swim spa with a Balboa EL Series/CAT2000 controls and Pump 2 will not turn on. The light on the topside controller comes on and I can hear the relay on the circuit board clicking, but the circuit board is not supplying power to the pump cord. There are two 30a fuses and one 20a fuse on the board and they are all three good. Any ideas?

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On 11/21/2020 at 4:09 PM, RDspaguy said:

First thought is you are mistaken regarding the fuse being good. How did you test it?

Do you have a multimeter? Test voltage to the pump.

Check the plug connection for burned terminals. Check wiring for rodent damage.

Post a pic of your circuit board.

I removed the fuses and checked them for continuity with a multi-meter. I also checked the pump voltage at the connector on the board...zero with the switch on or off...while the same method for pump 1 showed the correct voltage with the switch on. I'm at work and don't have a picture of the board at the moment, but nothing looks burned or damaged. I removed the pump 2 connector from the board to look at it. Nothing looked out of the ordinary and it separated and snapped back on easily. The spa is a 2012 model that I bought in 2015 and I replaced the circuit board a couple years ago. I have the old one. I may pull the fuses out it and put them in the current board just for kicks and grins.

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By what you describe, a fuse, relay, or solder point is the only possibility. Visible damage is usually limited to the back of the board (where the solder points are) but relay contacts can go with no visible damage at all.

Post the pic of the board and wiring diagram on the box cover when you get a chance, there may be issues with the board replacement that have played a part.

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