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Sundance optima 880 intermittent pump #2 no shut down


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I have an sundance optima 880. 2 years ago we had a lightning strike a hundred yards or so from the hot tub. The next night we went to use it and it had gotten tripped so the heater and pump 2 were running full blast and the temp was over 120. I shut the tub down until it was down well below where we usually have it set. It came back up to operating temp and was fine for about a year until it happened again. I did the same thing as before and it reset. Fast forward to last week and it happened yet again and when i flipped the breaker for a couple days and the heat came back down and stays at 101 (where we usually have it) but jet pump number 2 will not shut off now matter how many times i try to reset it. Other than this issue it works flawlessly. 
Any help in which direction I should go would be greatly appreciated. 



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34 minutes ago, TheNautiCaptain said:

Update: I was able to find a pump diagram its actually the circulation pump stuck in the on position not the jet pump

make sure the recirculation pump is not set to run for 24hours  if it is  it should be running.   download the manual if you don't have one  its easy to change the run time(s)  I just cant recall offhand  and it may be slightly different for yours


the recirc pump will run if set and if the heater is on  it also runs when the filtration jet pump is one


if not perhaps the pump is faulty then

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