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Jacuzzi Temp Way Off

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Background: jacuzzi j-375, have had it for 1 year. We normally keep the temp at 98 degrees this time of year. About 2 weeks ago we noticed that 98 felt way too hot. Grabbed a pool thermometer and took the temperature and noted that it read 106 degrees while the control pad on the tub says 98. 

never had this issue before, is this right?  Had to lower the temp setting to 94 to get the temp down to 101, which is quite comfortable. 

is there a way to troubleshoot or recalibrate the tub?


thanks in advance for your thoughts. 

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34 minutes ago, RDspaguy said:

You probably need new sensors. Do you have a multimeter? If so, you can test them. Post a pic of your circuit board and we can walk you through.

There are a few other things it might be, but sensors are by far the most likely, and easily checked.

Thanks @RDspaguy for the response.  I do have a multimeter, however, given that it sounds like a bad sensor as opposed to a calibration setting I just called my dealer and they are coming out to fix it - it's covered under warranty. 

Really appreciate the quick support here.  Will definitely revert back to share the resolution on this one.  Have a great day. 

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